Council Mission

The mission of the Australian Veterinary Palliative Care Advisory CouncilĀ is to promote the advancement of the discipline of Palliative Veterinary Medicine within Australia and to positively contribute to international discussion about this specialised field of care.

AVPCAC defines Palliative Veterinary Medicine to be the practice of medicine which aims to improve quality of life, minimise animal suffering and distress and provide support to caregivers throughout the period of a patients’ illness. This is done through a focus on the symptomatic management of total pain. Whilst not limited to end-of-life it is commonly applied to this scenario, in which case, the discipline encompasses active care of both the patient and the caregivers during and after dying process.

The Council recognises the need for an inclusive approach to this mission and is committed to supporting the development of interdisciplinary alliances between veterinarians, allied health professionals such as animal physiotherapists, as well as mental health and counselling professionals.

To achieve this mission, AVPCAC aims to:
  1. Provide resources and documentation to support best end-of-life care practices within veterinary medicine
  2. Actively encourage cross-discipline interaction by inviting allied health to engage with the veterinary industry through the actions of the Council
  3. Advocate for the continued dissemination of knowledge between specialities that are able to contribute to improved patient outcomes at end-of-life
  4. Support the development of any conference or education platforms focused on Palliative Veterinary Medicine
  5. Encourage the advancement of scientific knowledge and clinical practice through promotion of research and clinical investigation
  6. Communicate with other professional bodies both nationally and internationally, with interests in Palliative Veterinary Medicine